What We Do

We provide the following services for business and personal clients. We approach all problems in an efficient and professional manner to ensure we find the perfect solution to your needs. See our Business page for more information regarding our maintenance services and business solutions.

Virus Removal

Experiencing frequent error messages, freezing, or other problems? There may be malware on your computer. We'll remove any malicious programs to ensure full security and functionality.

Maintenance Agreements

We'll keep your systems running smoothly, so you don't have to worry about them. We take a proactive approach to maintenance to prevent issues before they arise.

Computer Replacement

We'll find or build a new and faster computer to suit your needs

Hardware Repair

We'll repair or replace any malfunctioning hardware to keep your computer running efficiently.

Computer Upgrades

We'll boost your computer's performance by upgrading various hardware components.


We'll update software and check for issues with your computer to keep it operating smoothly.

Data Backup Solutions

We'll configure manual or automatic backups to keep your important information safe.

iPhone Repair

We'll replace broken screens, buttons, and other iPhone components.


We'll design and configure your networks to ensure efficient and reliable communication between devices, and can diagnose problems with internet and local connections.


We'll keep your company and its data safe by introducing various levels of security, using a combination of dedicated hardware and software.